Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lamb Tracks Ministry welcomes 8 new children to our orphanage.  Their names are:  Simoni Matias, Mphatso Matias, Chinsinsi Matias, Emmanuel Matias, Fraiton Fabiano, Mateyu Luka, Zabeli Luka and Zefa Luka .  Orphans come to us with a variety of stories about their home life and loss of the parents, but we give all our orphans hope.  Through loving care, they are provided not only a home, but all the necessities as well.  Each orphan receives food, clothing, shelter, education through secondary school, health care and the love of a family.

These 8 children are currently without sponsors.  A child can be sponsored for $30 per month.  Since Lamb Tracks Ministry is an all volunteer organization, 100% of sponsosrship money goes to support these children. 

If you are interested in supporting one or more orphans, please email us at

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